On-Demand: Next Stop, China: How to Grow Your Brand in the Second Largest Market

In case you missed our live broadcast, the session is available for on-demand replay. In this Aloft Session, Aloft Group President and CEO, Matt Bowen, along with Managing Director of Adsmith China, Mike Golden, reveal the secrets to a successful brand launch in the China market.

You’ll learn:

  • What cultural mistakes to avoid during the launch
  • The most effective campaign types to target the Chinese market
  • Seven actionable steps to get you started immediately
  • …and more!

“Of course no one questions whether China is a massive economy, but the part that is harder to understand is what does this mean (if anything) for your company and brands? I can tell you that it means a whole lot, and if China isn’t already on your radar, you are likely missing significant opportunities for growth.”
––Matt Bowen


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